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Jessica Medina shows us it’s possible to unlock the golden handcuffs

March 22, 2022

Jessica Medina is a former big law litigator and SEC investigator who is now an accredited financial counselor. She specifically helps big law attorneys who need a financial plan in place to allow them the freedom to explore new career options. Jessica also reassures us that it's possible to create a financial plan that supports a transition to entrepreneurship. Even if you have student loans!


In this episode, Jessica talks about:

  • What exactly a financial advisor is, compared to other financial professionals
  • There’s no shame if you’re not on top of your finances (that’s the case for a lot of people)
  • The process Jessica takes her clients through
  • Strategies for people with student loans
  • How to plan specifically when you’re considering entrepreneurship 
  • It’s possible to plan, even when there are unknowns
  • FIRE movement planning
  • How much house you can afford

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