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Annette Choti leaves a 20 year government job to start a legal marketing business

January 5, 2021

Annette Choti left a 20 year career at the Department of Labor to start her own legal marketing firm. Annette tells us how she came to make a shift, the moment of serendipity that led her to her new career. She also tells us about all the rewards and challenges of running your own business.

  • Annette worked for Department of Labor for 20 years
  • The stable lifestyle of the job was worth the trade-offs for her 
  • After 20 years, when she started thinking about a shift, she didn’t know what her options would be
  • In a moment of serendipity, Annette heard about legal marketing writing 
  • Annette built a side business, which for her was a reasonable balance between risk and stability 
  • She baby stepped to a new career
  • Going down this road lead Annette to learn all sorts of new skills in digital marketing 
  • There’s still a long time left in your career. Even if you’re 20 years in!

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