The Lawyer’s Escape Pod

Lauren Kay teaches us about Human Design and creating a portfolio career

June 7, 2022

Lauren Kay is the host of the Legally Different Podcast, a Human Design expert, and a lawyer practicing on her terms. Lauren tells us about her journey of quitting the law in search of something more fulfilling. She identified freedom as her top value, and with that as a guiding principle, has been able to construct a portfolio career. She consults as a lawyer, which allows her to work the hours she wants from wherever she chooses. And she has been able to lean into her other interests, starting her podcast and Human Design business.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • That Lauren followed her intuition to quit and travel
  • How Lauren thought there was only one way to practice law, and it wasn’t for her
  • The confusion of disconnecting from the label and identity of “lawyer”
  • Lauren’s realization that freedom was her top value, and how that helped her create and follow aligned opportunities 
  • Finding legal work on a consulting basis
  • How Lauren’s personal growth journey led her to understand her interests and purpose more
  • Human Design basics

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