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Marie Sotelo leaves law for freelance writing

September 28, 2021

Marie Sotelo is a former lawyer turned freelance writer. After leaving the law, she leveraged her legal experience to become a go-to ghostwriter for entrepreneurs and chief executives in the law, compliance, and risk management space. She firmly believes that money is a means to an end—lifestyle freedom; and that you really CAN do anything with a law degree. She now helps other freelancers make smart money moves in their business and teaches other lawyers how to launch a writing side hustle.  

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Marie had been hoping to do environmental law in some capacity, but that didn’t pan out
  • She ended up at the Customs & Border Protection Agency for a decade
  • Working within such an entrenched bureaucracy eventually got too stifling 
  • She developed anxiety and depression (it’s not just big law that can impact you in that way)
  • Her family moved and she decided to take time off to focus on raising her son 
  • She got into part-time freelance grant writing, testing it first with some volunteer jobs
  • Marie worried about finances and wanted to do something that could sustain her family, if needed, but also be flexible 
  • She transitioned to content writing for law firms 
  • Freelance writing is a great thing to experiment with on the side, and build up some extra funds
  • She’s built a life and career around her values and priorities


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